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Our Services

Auto Electrical Services

Modern day vehicles contain a greater percentage of electrical devices and components and therefore require Auto Electrical Technician specialists to service and repair.

Diagnostic Scanning

This is an indication that there is a fault present within this system. These require specialised computer scanning and repair.

Stereo Installations

To install an audio system in your car, we offer ideal stereo installation kits. Our kits are compatible with all music systems.

Repair/Service Starters

We will offer you affordable Repair/Service Starters solutions to get your vehicle back to full working order.

Battery checking

If you are experiencing any car trouble and suspect the cause may be your battery, Our battery specialists will check and then replace and fit the new battery quickly and efficiently.

Central locking

The locking system in a vehicle must grant access only to authorised persons. We provide central locking service through which the vehicle doors are locked and unlocked.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning systems require regular maintenance to do their job well. At North Harbour Auto Electrical we offer the best AC services at affordable prices.